It sounds as if the supposed ‘amnesia’ the Taylor Swift fans are experiencing is common for people who have gotten super-excited about a certain event or life experience. In a state such as this, people usually remember snippets of an experience, as opposed to hours of very specific memory. For example, if you’ve been at an extravaganza such as a Taylor Swift concert, the chances of you remembering the whole thing are very slim. This is a natural way for the memory to work and certainly no cause for alarm.

When you go through a very intense experience, some of the memories will remain with you and some will not. It’s certainly possible that select memories from such an experience will come back to people over time, especially if they discuss the concert with others who were there, relive the experience in their minds or watch a video of the concert to jog their memories. 

It’s always important to validate peoples experiences by discussing them in a respectful and logical manner. Unfortunately, this principle gets lost quite frequently in media coverage but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important. Keep in mind that a lot of the Taylor Swift fans are young women who are going through a very impressionable period of their lives and discuss the topic with them in a fair minded and respectful manner.

If people are upset about their post-concert ‘amnesia’, then there are a number of things that can help them cope. For example, they can discuss their concerns with their friends and relatives with whom they will hopefully find support and understanding. If somebody is experiencing excess stress and anxiety because of their struggles with memory then they should certainly see a physician or healthcare provider.

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