Primary immunodeficiency diseases (PIDs) are a group of inherited disorders that make people susceptible to not only infections and malignancies but also psychological conditions. Even though the PID / psychological connection is considered under-researched and therefore not fully understood, research shows that PID is strongly associated with psychopathology and even suicidal behavior, especially in women. It appears that antibody dysfunction may play a role in the PID / psychological connection, although other explanations might also explain the connection. More research is needed until we understand this connection more fully.

When people feel sick and suffer from symptoms associated with PID such as fear of infections, social isolation and fatigue, they are more likely to avoid social contact, exercise, traveling to work or school, and engaging in healthy activities. Psychological challenges, and even suicidal ideation, are therefore often more likely to be brought on when people suffer from these conditions and spend their days with increased levels of depression, anxiety and pain. It’s crucial that they consult with her physician to get the kinds of treatments that will increase their chances of overcoming PIDs and getting healthy.

We know the people with PIDs are more likely to face emotional and psychological challenges, and even suffer from an increased rate of suicidal ideation. For this reason, it is crucial that they take their condition seriously, especially if they are suffering a great deal, and get a referral from their physician to a specialist who deals with mental health issues. Mental health specialists are equipped to deal with these kinds of challenges and patients stand to greatly benefit from their services, which can include medications, talk therapy, behavior modifications, etc.

Primary immunodeficiency disorders (PIDDs) are caused by dysfunction in white blood cells, which creates challenges in combating infections. If left unaddressed they can become chronic illnesses and even cause organ damage or death. It is crucial to diagnose and seek treatment for this groups of conditions before they become more serious.

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