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Q: Why have cannabis-induced psychosis cases been on the rise?

A: The relationship between cannabis use and psychosis is complex and not fully understood. This is largely because although it has been studied extensively, different data leads us to different conclusions. Some factors contributing to cannabis-induced psychosis cases include higher THC levels in modern cannabis strains and increased consumption patterns. Research is ongoing to better comprehend these connections. It is strongly recommended that individuals consult with their healthcare professionals before consuming potentially strong drugs, including cannabis.

Q: Are there ways to consume cannabis that reduce danger of psychosis?

A: Understanding the effects and methods of cannabis consumption is crucial in evaluating its potential impact on mental health and exploring the connection between cannabis use and schizophrenia. The current state of research does not allow us to reach many definitive conclusions with regards to how the means of consumption affects the risks of psychosis. However, in addition to the theory that stronger strains of cannabis can be the cause of increased chance of mental illness, there is also the possibility of a “Dose-Response Relationship.” Thoughts in this regard indicates that the chances of developing psychosis may be dose-dependent, meaning that the more cannabis that is consumed, the higher the risk of mental health issues.

Q: Is there a possibility that cannabis isn’t a cause of psychosis, but perhaps self-medicating?

A: The relationship between cannabis use and psychosis is complex and not fully understood at this time. In the final analysis, the chances of developing psychosis from cannabis use is largely dependent on the individual, as patients respond differently to all medications. For some people, it’s both possible they run no increased risk of psychosis via the use of cannabis. And indeed many individuals do consume cannabis as a way of self-medicating a pre-existing condition, including psychosis. These two are not mutually exclusive.

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