What is psychological projection?
Psychological projection is a defense mechanism that involves attributing one’s own thoughts, feelings, or traits to someone else.

What causes projection?
Psychological projection is a way for individuals to cope with uncomfortable or unacceptable thoughts or emotions by externalizing and attributing them to others.

What are the effects of projecting?
Psychological projecting distances, a person from truly understanding their own feelings about others in the world around them. This stands to reason since you’re not able to truly take responsibility or fully understand your own feelings if you’re projecting them onto other people.

What are some examples of projection?
For example, if someone has feelings of anger that they can’t acknowledge in themselves, they might project those feelings onto someone else and perceive that person as angry.

When to seek professional help?
People suffering from psychological projection should seek professional help if this practice is starting to interfere with their ability to deal with others in a realistic and constructive manner.

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